The World Wave Project uses additive and subtractive methods to improve the geometric profile of the seabed where erosion control, shoreline management, economic development, or habitat restoration are needed.


We work with local communities, governments, biologists and stakeholders to understand their goals, iterate plans until they achieve holistic long term benefit, and form partnerships to monitor and manage the coastline over the long term.


To achieve these goals, cutting edge measurement, computation and modeling are used.  On-site ecological and geological surveying is done in a variety of swell and current conditions.  This data is used in high fidelity computer modeling of the coastline to design an optimized seabed profile. Scale physical models are then used to confirm designs prior to implementation.


To do this economically, both additive and subtractive processes are used.  Additive processes become highly efficient when suitable material is available nearby at low cost.  Subtractive approaches can increase the durability of changes in heavy wave environments.  


Combining all these techniques, holistically positive, durable and economical projects are made possible.

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